The CrossFit Diaries: Harder than it Looks

Everyone is prepping for the CrossFit Open at the gym. I had no plans to participate. Seriously, I just felt like I was too new to get into it and figured that I would rather just do it next year. Then they had a post attached to yesterday’s workout talking about how everyone should take part and reviving the spirit of competition. So now I’m signed up. Screw it, I’m just going to go as hard as I can and see where I end up. It’ll be interesting to see where I fit in the bigger picture. Here’s last night’s workout, which was deceivingly difficult.


4 Rounds:

a. Barbell Bent Over Row x 8 reps

b. Weighted FLR Hold x 45 sec

c. Double Unders x 30-50 reps

Workout of the Day:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

5 Heavy Thrusters

8 Lateral Burpees

* one minute forced rest between each round *

The strength/skill portion was a nice change up. I worked up to 205 lbs, which wasn’t really heavy but was solid work. I should have gone heavier, but oh well, I was more worried about practicing my double unders. On a similar note, I’m taking some pre-workout now and it makes my head itch. No tingling or elevated heart rate or all the other stuff, just an itchy face and head. If that’s what it feels like to be a crack addict, no thanks. I’ve found that when I focus on trying to do double unders I can’t do them for shit. When I just go and jump and don’t think about it, I can knock them out, but then I’m unable to count. I need to find a happy medium in there somewhere.

The WOD reads like it will be easy. I mean 5 thrusters and 8 burpees with a forced full minute of rest? How hard can this sucker be? Answer: fucking hard as hell. This thing was an absolute bear. The first 3 rounds were not too bad. Then round 4 happened and it starts to destroy you, breaking you down one additional round at a time. By the time I got through round 6 I wanted to swear at Jason. Then I had enough time to get round 7 started and just collapsed at the time ceiling of 15 minutes on burpee number 5. Jason graced us with the answer that this was one of the most difficult WODs we’ve had in a while. He was not lying. Absolute monster of a workout.

Looking forward to a skill development day. I almost nailed a muscle up last night after the WOD, so hopefully I can get one today. We’ll see.

Stay classy.

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