The CrossFit Diaries: Massacre? More Like Sass-acre

After a recuperative Thursday, I was looking forward to getting after it on Friday. I was feeling sassy. Seeing that it was titled “Valentines Day Massacre” did nothing to dissuade my enthusiasm, in fact it was more like a Valentines Day Sass-acre from me. I was ready to roll and was determined to throw around some weight. Mission accomplished.


12 minutes to build to a heavy Clean and Jerk

Workout of the Day:

Alternate each movement for time:

15-10-5 Clean and Jerk

75-50-25 Double Unders

On the clean and jerk I worked up to 275 lbs which I believe is a PR (personal record) on both movements. It felt good to get some serious weight up. I did mess up my left shoulder a little though because I wasn’t bringing the weight down well. I think I just gave myself a little stinger, because I feel fine now. It definitely was weird to have a slightly numb arm for the rest of the workout, but overall nothing major and I’m okay. Lesson learned on the finishing up of the exercise with big boy weight on the bar.

The WOD was going to be tough and I went heavier on the clean and jerk weight as well. I did 185 lbs on that purely because that is what Barrett did in the class before and I was feeling too competitive to do less than him. It was heavy, but I made it through. I worked on double unders for the first round and did like 40 total plus a ton of single unders. I then switched to single unders, so I did 100 and 50 of those. Tough workout, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Looking forward to another week of getting bigger. The open is coming too.

Stay classy.


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