The CrossFit Diaries: Snowpocalypse but not really

After a solid weekend it was back to the grind on Monday. It also meant that we had a big snowstorm on Monday to contend with. By the time work was done and it was time to go to the gym we there was probably close to 5 fresh inches of snow on ground. Made getting there tough and the class was a little smaller, but there was no stopping me on Monday.


Front squat 3 x 5 at Heaviest Weight from last week

Workout of the Day:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

10 Push Ups

10 Goblet Squats

30 Double Unders

I did 255 lbs last week, but I bumped it up to 275 lbs for yesterday. It was a manageable weight and didn’t give me too much trouble. Front squats are definitely a tougher squat than back squats, but my form is coming along and I was able to get through it without too much difficulty. I could have gone heavier, but keeping up good form throughout and working well with the weight. I know that I have the leg strength to handle more weight, but I want to ensure my core and upper body are there as well before I push things too far. The progression so far has been great.

The WOD was going to be interesting because it was long at 12 minutes, featured two strengths of mine (push ups and goblet squats) and one weakness/difficulty (double unders). Marcus said we should get around 7-8 rounds. I ended up doing 9, so that was nice. The push ups were no trouble, along with the goblet squats. I worked on the double unders the entire time, while mixing in single unders as well. It was a solid workout and definitely more on the aerobic side than we have had lately. I really want to get double unders down and solid so that I can really get through a lot of these WODs. They’re coming and getting better, but I still don’t entirely have the rhythm when I’m in the middle of a workout.

Overall feeling great and looking forward to a great week. If Monday was any indication, it should be a good one.

Stay classy.


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