The CrossFit Diaries: They Read My Mind

Yesterday looked beautiful outside. Just a gorgeous late winter day where it hit 40 degrees, was sunny and a beautiful blue sky. It was one of those days where it made it tough to be working inside. The nice thing was that when I left work it was still a little light out and decently warm. It’s the little things towards the end of the winter that matter.


Overhead Squat Prep

10 minutes to Build to your Snatch Working Weight

Workout of the Day:

12-9-6 reps for time of:


Chest to Bar Pull Ups

We worked heavily on the overhead squat prep in getting deep into the squat and with good form. It was nice to have that work and improve in that area. It is one thing I’ve been trying to work on, so having that work was welcome. I worked up to 135 lbs, which is what I used for the WOD. Nothing too crazy from a weight stand point, which was fine, because it was all about improving form and depth.

The WOD was Fran-esque but was more focused on quality reps and such than speed through the exercise. I finished in about 8 minutes and it was a solid 8 minutes of work between the snatches and pull ups (went chest to bar for all of them).

Overall I’m feeling pretty good, but I think I need to start upping my caloric intake a little since I’m starting to feel a little tired during the day. Nothing major and not an over training feeling, just need a little more fuel to keep the fire going, especially as my body fat continues to drop. Overall I feel great and couldn’t be happier with how things are going.

Stay classy.


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