The CrossFit Diaries: All My Nopes

After some serious snatch work I was looking forward to a day of lighter work and focusing on skills. It is always a welcome reprieve on Thursdays to enjoy focusing on skills and developing them where you may not normally have that time during the week and regular work. I worked on muscle ups (of course) along with double unders and hand stands. Really want to get solid in the gymnastic areas to help improve my overall ability to perform.


Strength Make Up/Goal Development

Workout of the Day:

For total reps:

3 min Burpee Box Jumps

3 min KB Swings

3 min Row for distance

rest 3 min

90 sec Burpee Box Jump

90 sec KB Swings

90 sec Row for Distance

Worked on muscle ups. Got some good practice on my hip pops to get up to the rings along with the transfer to over the rings. Learning some good things and I’ve got to keep on working to get there. They’re so close and I know once I have them, I’ll be able to do them and keep with them. It’s just breaking the seal of the first one that is the tough part. I really worked on double unders a lot as well. I heard Marcus explaining some technique on them Wednesday and tried to use those suggestions as I worked on them, which made a big difference. Now it is a matter of getting good consistency on them.

I got to see the burpee box jumps before the workout and was absolutely convinced that I should just turn around and go home. Just all the nopes. But people saw me there so I had to stay. I’m glad I did because it was a killer workout, but man, box jump burpees suck. They did nothing to improve my opinion of burpees. Also, it is just sadistic to make someone do burpees for 3 minutes. Seriously mean. Rowing was fine and so were the swings. Overall it was a great workout and it continues to remind me that no matter how well I think I’m doing, there is something I totally suck at that will come to kick my ass.

Stay classy.


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