The CrossFit Diaries: Stir Crazy

After almost a week off I decided to get back into the gym on Wednesday night. I felt much better overall and the pec was feeling significantly better. Not 100%, but I felt it was good enough to get back in and scale exercises appropriately to accommodate it. Plus I was going absolutely stir crazy not hitting the gym, so it was time.


12 minutes to build to a heavy Hang Power Snatch + Power Snatch

Workout of the Day:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes:

5 Kettlebell Snatch each arm

10 Walking Lunge Steps with Kettlebell (hold overhead for extra challenge)

10 Burpees

I was nervous about the snatches just because of the amount of shoulder stabilization involved and potential to possibly make things worse. I started and stayed light. It felt fine, and I didn’t have any issues. It was nice to go light and work on form and getting deep into the squat on the catch. My confidence in that area is getting much higher, so hopefully I’ll be able to apply it to heavier weight in the future.

For the WOD I had to sub-out the burpees for double unders. I can do a push-up, but I can feel the spot where I hurt myself, so better to be safe and not stress it. Other than that though, it was a solid WOD to get back into. I think I did 5 rounds, tough to remember now. Overall, it was great to get back in the gym and get moving. The biggest revelation for me was using the lacrosse ball to roll on the muscle. That made the single biggest difference and has helped me feel significantly better. Good stuff all around.


Strength Make Up or Skill Development

Workout of the Day:

In 10 minutes:

Row 500m or Airdyne 40 calories

with the remainder of time complete as many rounds as possible of:

5 Single Arm Kettlebell Push Press each arm

20m Bear Crawl

20 Kettlebell Swings

For the skill development I didn’t do any of the strength work because honestly, the area I need to make gains/progress is the skill portion, specifically around the gymnastics. I worked on ring pull-ups plus some stretching to help loosen up my shoulders. Felt good to get some back work in, along with solid stretching.

The WOD was going to be tough. I was in class a little early and heard Barrett say he did the row in 1:32, so naturally I was going to shoot to at least tie him, if not try and beat him. Mission accomplished. I did the 500m in 1:31. Then it was on to the push press (which was fine for the chesticle), bear crawl (also fine) and kb swings. Tough, tough workout because you jack your heart rate up at the start and then just keep moving through out. I did 4 or 5 rounds, lost count and honestly, it didn’t matter because I knew I crushed that workout. At the end Jason even told me it was an awesome WOD. Felt good to really get after it.

Looking forward to 14.2 tonight.

Stay classy.


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