The CrossFit Diaries: 14.4

When I read this workout I knew it would be difficult for me. 50 toes to bar is a lot of toes to bar for a guy my size. I wasn’t sure how well I would do, but felt confident going in. Here is the full workout:

Workout of the Day:

CrossFit Games Open 14.4

Complete as many reps as possible in 14 minutes of:

60 calorie row

50 toes-to-bar

40 wall-ball shots (20 lb, 10 ft target)

30 cleans, 135 lbs

20 muscle-ups

Needless to say, the toes-to-bar crushed me. Absolutely crushed me. I ripped off the 60 calories in just over 2 minutes and got to work on the toes to bar, which I knew would take the longest. I got into the 25 range and absolutely hit a wall. I finished the final 25 in sets of 2-3 or 1 at a time. After starting toes-to-bar at the 2 minute mark, I spent 8-9 minutes on the toes-to-bar which just killed me. I tried to get through the wall-balls as quickly as possible, but it was tough. I finished them up and got 5 cleans in during the last few seconds of the workout. Overall, it was way below where I wanted to finish but was eye opening for me.

I was disappointed by only scoring a 155 and considered trying again on Monday, but decided against it. When I really put things in perspective, I’ve only been doing this for around 6 months, so the fact I got as far as I did was solid. I”m not even close to an elite level, but can say that given where I started, I’m miles ahead. I’m still disappointed I didn’t get something in the 170s as I had hoped, but it just leaves me something to compare myself against next year.

Looking forward to see how it ends up with 14.5 next week.


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